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   "It's hard to imagine a more appropriate phrase for our day.  Followers of Christ need to look across the no-man's land of today's culture war and issue a call: Come, let us reason together!"                 --Charles Colson

Welcome to the Come Let Us Reason Home Page!

Come Let Us Reason (CLR) is a Bible teaching ministry designed to reach out to spiritual seekers, and also to equip followers of Jesus Christ for the unique challenges of ministry in our "postmodern" culture. Through in-depth studies in apologetics, the biblical worldview, and comparative religion, we seek to explore the timeless treasure of God's revelation to man, and to demonstrate its profound relevance for the exciting times in which we live.

Please take a few moments to explore the CLR website, where you will find information about the founder and Director (Dean Davis), the various seminars we offer, Dean's books, and miscellaneous articles and essays. We hope you will find this material intriguing, and that one day soon we might even have the pleasure of coming your way to reason together over God's Word (Isaiah 1:18).