Here is the latest essay posted to my website. It’s entitled The Good News of the Kingdom. The theme here is the nature of the Kingdom. It prepares the way for a second, related essay (already posted), called The Coming of the Kingdom.

Between the two of them, you’ll find yourself plop-dab in the middle of the Great End-Time Debate! To read the first, just click here.

On another matter, I was pleased to discover a brand new website devoted to the exposition and defense of classic Amillennial eschatology. Here is the link you need.

I hope you will encourage my new friend Shawn McGrath, the founder of the site, by exploring his labors and making any comments or suggestions that seem good to you and the Holy Spirit.

Richest blessings to you all . . . d

The  essay linked to this post is extracted from my forthcoming book, The High King of Heaven: Discovering the Master Keys to the Great End Time Debate. As the title indicates, my theme in the essay is the coming of the Kingdom of God: the way it enters history, and the the stages in which it enters, until the universe, life, and man reach their final destination in the World to Come.

I regard this as the single most helpful chapter in the book. I believe it shows fairly conclusively that the Kingdom enters the world in two simple stages. The first I call The Kingdom of the Son. The second I call The Kingdom of the Father (or the World to Come). The two are separated by a single Consummation at the Parousia, or Second Coming, of Christ. Thus, the essay is an effort to show that the Amillennial eschatology of the ancient Catholic Church and the classic Protestant Reformation is indeed the true teaching of the Bible.

Though the essay is fairly long, I hope you will persevere in reading it. Unless I miss my guess, it could revolutionize many a biblical worldview! In any case, I do hope you are challenged and blessed by what you read.

Comments and criticisms are most welcome.

To read the essay, please click HERE.