Note: I posted these remarks in the Comment section of our (very “progressive”) local newspaper. I did so in response to an editorial that gave a glowing report of President Barack Obama’s legacy and commended him for taking the “high road” in his dealings with political opponents.


If a Martian placed this evaluation of President Obama’s legacy side by side with that of the Heritage Foundation or the National Review, he would think that Americans live in alternate universes. And, of course, they do, since human reason and judgment never operate in a vacuum, but are always placed in the service of core values and worldview commitments that are running in the background and (often unconsciously) determining the outcomes.

Speaking personally, and according to the values that flow from my own biblical worldview, I judge Mr. Obama’s presidency to have been governed almost entirely by the anti-Christian and anti-western animus that controls the modern progressive movement. And if, as I devoutly believe, that animus and that movement are running exactly against the grain of the universe, then the truth of Mr. Obama’s legacy, both in time and eternity, will become quite clear, and his legacy will be found grievously wanting. As our Lord said, “Every tree that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up.” To which John the Baptizer added that it will also be burned up with unquenchable fire.

So then, laying aside my anger over Mr. Obama’s policies (an anger with which I am constantly tempted, especially when I think of the “high road” he did not take in protecting the unborn, and most especially unborn African American children), I am determined to pray for him and his family as he leaves office. For like Mr. Trump, like angry conservatives, like angry progressives, and like me, his sins are many.

But as long as today is called today, there is time for him–and for all of us–to find the Savior and cling to him for pardon and eternal life. Not bitterly, but in everlasting joy.