Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. By it, the heroes of today are standing firm, and so, like those of yesterday, will receive a good testimony from the One whose witness counts!

By faith they are bringing down walls of confusion, worldly distraction, theological immaturity, spiritual indolence, and besetting personal sin . . . encircling them all for seven seasons with believing prayer and the promises of God till they finally come crashing to the ground.

By faith men are purposing to become strong and gentle servant-leaders in their home and community. They pray for their family, talk from the heart with their wives, and read the Scriptures to their kids and grand-kids. Teaming up with their mate, they seize interesting opportunities to learn about God’s world, and to serve people in it. They take time for the serious business of fun and wholesome recreation.

By faith some among them have even stopped the mouth of television, quenched the violence of R-rated videos, overcome information addiction, and–fearful of surrendering their offspring to pagan priests in the government schools–are educating their children at home, or working hard to send them to a local Christian school.

By faith they are becoming valiant against workaholicism, the love of money, and the idolatrous aspects of the American Dream.

By faith, some of them are growing mighty in the scriptures, hoping to serve as elders, scholars, or missionaries. Others run successful businesses, employ the needy, witness to their workers, and systematically support the work of the kingdom with their increase.

By faith wives are triumphing over false guilt and over-commitment, dedicating themselves in all simplicity to the help of their husbands, the nurture of their children, the adornment of their homes, and the edification of their sisters in the Lord.

By faith some volunteer at the local pregnancy counseling center, others work with Release Tme, and still others take their kids to visit the sick and elderly.

By faith young couples are adopting orphans, welcoming exchange students into their homes, and sheltering women and girls who face crisis pregnancies.

By faith, many are eschewing fear, sloth, and bad theology so as to get involved in cultural transformation and the political process. Imitating the way of Christ and his servants of earlier generations, they are becoming skilled, gracious, and fearless proponents of biblical justice, limited government, personal responsibility, private charity, sexual purity, traditional marriage, and the sanctity and protectability of human life from the moment of conception till the moment of natural death.

Still others are serving in their local church, supporting local and foreign missionaries, encouraging persecuted Christians at home and abroad, writing poems and books, making films, composing or playing God-honoring music, loving the brethren, respecting all men, and delighting themselves daily in the Lord . . . that the light of heaven may continue to shine in the darkness of an increasingly evil world.

Yes, all these and more–by looking up to Him who dwells above, and ahead to Him who soon will come–are diffusing the grace of Christ to all everywhere, and so are sure to attain this testimony from the One whose witness counts: their faith was real, and their lives were indeed well-pleasing to the Lord.