Recently a lady called in to the Sean Hannity show and said, “Sean, I’m 150% pro-life. But I also believe that national security is the premier issue of our time. If we don’t have a capable leader who is committed to protecting our country from the present terrorist threat, there won’t be a country left to be pro-life in. So if I think that Rudy Giuliani is the best candidate on the national security issue, I’m going to vote for him.”

Sean couldn’t have agreed more.

This article is not about Rudy Giuliani or any other presidential candidate. In a sense, it’s not even about politics. What it is about is wisdom—the kind of wisdom that Sean Hannity and his lady caller were not displaying in their serious consideration of a pro-choice candidate for the presidency of the U. S.

Let me explain.

Though there are exceptions, the vast majority of pro-lifers are religiously motivated. They believe that there is a God, that He is the creator of human life, that human life is in His image and likeness, that He values it accordingly, and that He will judge men and nations who take it unlawfully. This last is especially important. Even Thomas Jefferson— certainly no biblical fundamentalist—said, “I tremble for my country when I remember that God is just, and that His justice will not sleep forever.”

Here, then, is the true wisdom of the pro-life movement: our faith in the sovereign creator and moral governor of men and nations. If we keep this faith—and fix our eyes on Him—we will have wisdom for each battle in the war against His dear human children. Moreover, in the end we will have victory. But if we forsake our wisdom and take our eyes off Him, then we will fall into foolishness, judgment, and defeat.

Let us apply this wisdom to the “150% Pro-life But . . . ” position.

Is it really true that we can safely sacrifice our absolute commitment to the defense of innocent human life on the altar of national security? Well, if a just God rules over the destiny of men and nations, then certainly not. Why? Because without His blessing no nation is secure! How foolish to think that our national security resides in the determination of a president, or the skill of our intelligence-gathering agencies, or the size and power of our military! This has always been true, but never more so than in our modern era of technological sophistication, when weapons of mass destruction can all too easily fall into the hands of a few religious or political fanatics. Such people simply cannot be stopped by conventional military prowess. Rather, victory over their secret plots is nearly always traceable to a kindly providence—an alert passenger, neighbor, or store owner who spots and reports suspicious activity. But what if Providence is not in the mood to be kind? What if He is inclined to shut the eyes of the passenger, the neighbor, or the store owner? What if, as an expression of His anger and justice, He decides to let the terrorist attack succeed? Who in the world can stop it then?

Though some will disagree, I myself cannot help but view 9/11 in this light. As meticulous research into the lead-up to these awful events has made clear, at any number of junctures God could have stepped in, causing the plot to be discovered and the plotters to be captured. But He did not. Why? Could it be that we, as a nation, have forsaken our wisdom by forsaking our God? Could it be that in allowing 9/11 He was actually showing us a severe mercy, trying to awaken us to the foolish and deadly paths that we have chosen in recent years?

Here, I specially have in mind our wanton disregard for the plight of the innocent unborn. How better to get us thinking about their dreadful situation than to illustrate it for us at the Twin Towers? Are we shocked that vicious murderers would attack perfectly innocent people, or that they would invade the womb-like sanctuary of their office-buildings with instruments that cut and tear and burn? How much more, then, should we be shocked at what is done to the innocent unborn about 3,000 times a day in the U.S.? And how many died on that one terrible day at the Twin Towers? If you guessed 3,000, you guessed right.

According to the Bible, this world is a proving ground in which God tests all mankind concerning their love of truth and righteousness. If that is so, we pro-lifers will need to remember it in days ahead. The 2008 elections are drawing near. Already, many have raised their voices, urging us to compromise our core principles for the sake of national security, administrative competence, economic growth, electability, or whatever. Will we listen to them? I hope not, for this is a test.

Therefore, let us pass the test by remembering our true wisdom. Let us faithfully love our God, defend His dear children, and insist that our leaders do the same. And let us leave the political results to Him. Why? Because in the end it is the wise and right path to take—and because there is no true security in any other.

September, 2008