Barring a miracle, Barack Obama will be the next President of the U.S., co-laboring with a Democrat-controlled congress to take America into the future.

It will be a disaster of epic proportions: higher taxes, less energy, fewer jobs, more bureaucracy, a weakened military, diminished national security, continuing illegal immigration, a new generation of activist judges, the demise of traditional marriage, and millions upon millions of aborted babies, as far as the eye can see.

How could a free people possibly do this to itself? In his letter to the Christians at Rome, the apostle Paul gives us the answer: When nations turn away from God, God turns them over to a debased mind. When they harden their hearts to choose evil, he hardens their hearts to choose more evil. When they shut their eyes to wisdom, he opens their eyes to foolishness, a foolishness they eagerly embrace unto their own destruction.

There are many godly people in America, but apparently no longer enough to keep us from the coming hour of chastening. When it arrives, may they never lose heart, but always speak the truth in love, hoping for God’s mercy on our beloved land, yet remembering throughout that America, even at her best, was never more than a pale reflection of the one true City that is set upon a hill.

Dean Davis
June, 2008