This is an open letter to Sonoma County Teens.

In the matter of sexual ethics, you face a choice. The world says, “Practice safe sex, use a condom.” God says, “Save sex for marriage. If you do, you’ll be richly blessed. If you don’t, prepare to pay.”

So, who will you listen to?

Before taking the wide road travelled by so many, think for a moment about some of the advantages of listening to God:

  1. l) You need not fear contracting AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

2) You need not fear an untimely pregnancy.

3) You need not fear an abortion, or the enduring physical and spiritual wounds that abortion involves.

4) You need not do battle with powerful sexual passions that bid you to throw caution–and safety–to the wind.

5) You will enjoy a good reputation among your peers, and gain their respect as a leader who is not afraid to stand alone.

6) If you’re a woman and the word is out about your high standards, you can trust that suitors will be interested in you as a whole person and as a possible marriage partner.

7) You will be far less pre-occupied with sexual desires, and safe from the emotional turmoil that pre-marital sex always brings in its wake.

8) You will have greater energy and freedom to concentrate on the pursuit of your life-goals.

9) On your wedding night you will be able give your mate one of the most precious of all gifts: your own virgin body. And from that night on there will be no flashbacks, no comparisons, no regrets.

10) Most importantly, as you grow spiritually, you will see that your marriage perfectly fulfills its deep, mystical purpose, which is to reflect–in all passion and purity–the holy love relationship between Christ and His virgin bride, the Church.

Sounds to me like God has our best interests in mind, and some neat blessings in store–for those who listen to Him.

Dean Davis

Dec. 6, 1991