Pro-lifers, take heart: The decades-long media blackout is in vain, but your grass-roots labors are not.

Thanks to the partial-birth abortion debate, the number of people who favor restricting abortion has increased by 5% over the past 5 years. Of those who accept abortion, only 15% want it legal in the second trimester, only 7% in the third. Adoptions are up and abortions are down, from 1.6 million per year to 1.3 million (despite the $900 million taxpayer dollars given to Planned Parenthood annually).

86% of American counties have no abortion clinic. Fewer and fewer doctors want to perform abortions. Most medical students will not even train to do so. Litigation by sadder but wiser women against abortionists is at an all time high. Teens and collegians are increasingly choosing life.

Most importantly, pro-life crisis pregnancy centers continue to spring up everywhere, providing holistic support: pregnancy tests, medical care, parenting classes, housing, job placement, a listening ear and lots of love.

A local volunteer informs me that one woman a week decides against abortion because of the compassionate services her center offers. Who can measure the ripple-effect of such efforts in our community and nation?

People are changing their mind about abortion. Yes, it is painfully slow, and the disappointments are many. But God is in control, at work, and sure to prevail.

So never give up. Never give in to hate or violence. Always keep loving, praying, fasting, voting, speaking up, and doing what you can.

The Lord of life will do the rest.

Dean Davis

January, 1999