Listening to President Bush the other night, I was struck by a thought I’d like to pass along to your many pro-choice readers.

The President said that in seven years Baby Boomers will begin to retire en masse, creating a huge strain on Social Security and Medicare. Of course, if 40 million “potential tax-payers” had not been aborted, things would have been different. As it is, the burden of these retirements will fall on a diminished population of their working children. And this in turn will create an economic environment favorable to rationed health care and active euthanasia.

Then it will be the Boomers turn to run the death gauntlet. Like the elderly in Holland today, they themselves will have to wonder what the system–and even their own pro-choice children–have in store for them when their own “quality of life” is low and they are “wanted” no more.

Two things I have learned in my walk through this dark world: 1) What goes around comes around, and 2) Folks won’t usually change until it comes around to them.

So it shall be in the great debate over the sanctity and protectability of human life. One day soon the “culture of death” will reach critical mass. The sheer pain of it all–the wounded bodies, tormented consciences, coarsened minds, swelling violence, and economic distress–will finally awaken the nation. Then a great cry will go up, “My God, what have we done?”, and then the journey back to life will begin.

Unless, of course, Christ returns first.

In either case, may God hasten the day.

Dean Davis

March, 2001