Here is 1 Peter in the New Eclectic Version.

This epistle was challenging to translate, since a number of the verses are condensed and cryptic; your alternative translations are more than welcome!

But for far weightier reasons, the book itself is challenging. It reminds us that persecution–even to the point of “fiery ordeals”–is not “some strange thing”, but the norm for Christ’s Church down through ages, as she makes her pilgrim way through the wilderness of this present evil world.

But do read the many encouragements that the apostle offers us: the fellowship of the brotherhood, the sustaining presence of the Spirit, the assurance of divine protection, and the hope of the Consummation at the Revelation of Jesus Christ, when an upside down world, at long last, will be turned right side up, and when his people, in all the fulness they long for, will experience joy unspeakable and full of glory!


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