This article is an appendix taken from my book, The High King of Heaven: Discovering the Master Keys to the Great End Time Debate (Redemption Press, 2014). In the book itself I discuss at length many of the OT texts referred to here. For further study of this important question, please consult the relevant portions of The High King of Heaven. 

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This is third of three essays, now posted t0 my website, dealing with the Revelation and the meaning of the Millennium (Revelation 20). All three are excerpts from my book, The High King of Heaven: Discovering the Master Keys to the Great End Time Debate (Redemption Press, 2014).

I sincerely pray that these writings will enable you to read, enjoy, and profit from the Revelation as never before, and that they will fill you with courage, confidence, and holy expectancy as we journey together through these dark and difficult days to the glorious light of Immanuel’s Land.

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This essay, dealing with the Consummation of our redemption at Christ’s return, is the concluding chapter of my book, The High King of Heaven. I think it stands alone quite well, and sums up in a fairly short space the fruits of my research into dozens of biblical texts dealing with “the end of all things” (1 Peter 4:7).

To judge from all that’s going on around us, we can safely say, with the apostle, that the end is indeed “at hand.”

May this essay not only help you to be ready for it, but also to look forward to it with exceedingly great joy.

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Here is the latest essay posted to my website. It’s entitled The Good News of the Kingdom. The theme here is the nature of the Kingdom. It prepares the way for a second, related essay (already posted), called The Coming of the Kingdom.

Between the two of them, you’ll find yourself plop-dab in the middle of the Great End-Time Debate! To read the first, just click here.

On another matter, I was pleased to discover a brand new website devoted to the exposition and defense of classic Amillennial eschatology. Here is the link you need.

I hope you will encourage my new friend Shawn McGrath, the founder of the site, by exploring his labors and making any comments or suggestions that seem good to you and the Holy Spirit.

Richest blessings to you all . . . d

I am glad and grateful to announce that my new book on eschatology, The High King of Heaven, is now back in print!

For my publisher I have chosen Redemption Press, a brand new publishing venture launched by the former founder and owner of Winepress Publishing, Athena Dean.

Anyone acquainted with the sad story of the demise of Winepress well knows the long and difficult road Athena has traveled. But having learned many a precious lesson, she has now come home to her first love, Christian self-publishing, and has been more than generous in helping us Winepress orphans to get back into print.

I wish her and her outstanding new team all the best.

The High King of Heaven is now available at and, as are my other two large books, In Search of the Beginning, and The Test: A Seeker’s Journey to the Meaning of Life. Quite soon, all three will be available as e-books.

Your comments, questions, and critiques of these books are more than welcome.