This essay, dealing with the Consummation of our redemption at Christ’s return, is the concluding chapter of my book, The High King of Heaven. I think it stands alone quite well, and sums up in a fairly short space the fruits of my research into dozens of biblical texts dealing with “the end of all things” (1 Peter 4:7).

To judge from all that’s going on around us, we can safely say, with the apostle, that the end is indeed “at hand.”

May this essay not only help you to be ready for it, but also to look forward to it with exceedingly great joy.

To read the essay, click here.

Here is the latest essay posted to my website. It’s entitled The Good News of the Kingdom. The theme here is the nature of the Kingdom. It prepares the way for a second, related essay (already posted), called The Coming of the Kingdom.

Between the two of them, you’ll find yourself plop-dab in the middle of the Great End-Time Debate! To read the first, just click here.

On another matter, I was pleased to discover a brand new website devoted to the exposition and defense of classic Amillennial eschatology. Here is the link you need.

I hope you will encourage my new friend Shawn McGrath, the founder of the site, by exploring his labors and making any comments or suggestions that seem good to you and the Holy Spirit.

Richest blessings to you all . . . d

I am glad and grateful to announce that my new book on eschatology, The High King of Heaven, is now back in print!

For my publisher I have chosen Redemption Press, a brand new publishing venture launched by the former founder and owner of Winepress Publishing, Athena Dean.

Anyone acquainted with the sad story of the demise of Winepress well knows the long and difficult road Athena has traveled. But having learned many a precious lesson, she has now come home to her first love, Christian self-publishing, and has been more than generous in helping us Winepress orphans to get back into print.

I wish her and her outstanding new team all the best.

The High King of Heaven is now available at and, as are my other two large books, In Search of the Beginning, and The Test: A Seeker’s Journey to the Meaning of Life. Quite soon, all three will be available as e-books.

Your comments, questions, and critiques of these books are more than welcome.


As many of you know, I recently published a book on eschatology, called The High King of Heaven (Winepress, 2013). Happily, I just received about a dozen copies, so I’ve had the pleasure of actually holding the book in my hands.

Unhappily, Winepress Publishing just went out of business, and that is no pleasure at all!

The story is a long and interesting one, but I will not burden you with it here. Suffice it to say that I have been looking diligently for a new publisher, and feel myself fairly close to choosing one. It will, however, be at a least a month or two before the book is back in print again.

So, if any of you would like a digital copy of The High King of Heaven, I would be happy to send it to you at no charge, though contributions to the ministry of Come Let Us Reason are always welcome. To request a copy, just email me at

I should also mention that my two other Winepress Books (The Test, and In Search of the Beginning) are still available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. However, if the distributors run out, you may contact me about these books as well.

Thanks for your interest in the ministry of Come Let Us Reason. 

P.S. I was so grateful that the HKOH received this generous endorsement by Dr. Sam Storms:—-4


Yes, it HAS been awhile since the last post!

The good news–and a big reason for the neglect of my blog–is that The High King of Heaven, has been published at long last (click HERE to view it at Amazon).

Also at long last, and as promised months ago, is Part 2 of my study in the Revelation (available HERE). Dealing as it does with the structure and symbolism of the entire prophecy, this essay covers quite a bit of ground, so brace yourself. I trust, however, that all who wade into it will at least find it stimulating, and hopefully most edifying.

As ever, I am eager to hear your thoughts.

And may the High King of heaven richly bless you and yours in the new year ahead!