As many of you know, I recently published a book on eschatology, called The High King of Heaven (Winepress, 2013). Happily, I just received about a dozen copies, so I’ve had the pleasure of actually holding the book in my hands.

Unhappily, Winepress Publishing just went out of business, and that is no pleasure at all!

The story is a long and interesting one, but I will not burden you with it here. Suffice it to say that I have been looking diligently for a new publisher, and feel myself fairly close to choosing one. It will, however, be at a least a month or two before the book is back in print again.

So, if any of you would like a digital copy of The High King of Heaven, I would be happy to send it to you at no charge, though contributions to the ministry of Come Let Us Reason are always welcome. To request a copy, just email me at

I should also mention that my two other Winepress Books (The Test, and In Search of the Beginning) are still available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. However, if the distributors run out, you may contact me about these books as well.

Thanks for your interest in the ministry of Come Let Us Reason. 

P.S. I was so grateful that the HKOH received this generous endorsement by Dr. Sam Storms:—-4



  1. Fantastic books! I’ve delved into High King of Heaven for some clues for my own up-coming book “The Day of the Lord”. When ordering the High King I noticed your book “In search of the Beginning.” Breathtaking! It didn’t even occur to me that I would be converted to believe that the sun, moon and stars go round the earth!!! I’d never even heard of geocentricism. Amazing! I’m still seeking the Lord on what difference it will make in my church-planting ministry. I’ve been delivered from something like a fear of Einstein! I never had any idea his theories are such rubbish. I love the way you graciously and lovingly tear them to shreds. Much love in Christ – Robin Corner

    1. Hi Robin,
      So sorry I somehow failed to comment on your encouraging note. Thank you! Also, I’m thrilled you looked into In Search of the Beginning. Few people do! I confess that my eyes glaze over when I read the science on geocentricity (Robert Sungenis has written on these things at length). But the Scriptural testimony does look pretty convincing to me, and I learned long ago to receive God’s Word with the faith of a little child (and, in time, the understanding of an adult). Blessings to you and yours, d

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